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Inland towns such as Maldon receive less visitors in summer, because many people take advantage of the hotter months to go to the beach. However, this can mean a more relaxed experience for those who don't follow the trend, and visit Maldon in summer, anyway. There is still plenty to see and do, and Maldon has a local swimming pool so you can still cool off and spend some time by the water. Life goes on throughout the year, so there are still various events during the summer period in Maldon and the surrounding region.

In January there is the Twilight Food and Wine Festival, which was a great success this year with over 1000 attendees. Taking advantage of the special character of the Maldon township, the organizers blocked off Main Street, and filled the roadway with tables and chairs. White tabel linen, along with white china and proper cutlery, helped to make the dining experience just that bit more special. There was a wide range of food and wine from speciality suppliers and producers in Maldon and the surrounding district, which is what it was all about, after all. There were special trains running from Castlemaine and back, for those who wanted to make their evening even more special.

During January there is also the Maldon Australia Day festivities (with free breakfast), and the Antique and Collectable Fair in Fryerstown.

For additional information about Maldon, why not go to the website. This site offers a refreshing alternative view of Maldon, not obtainable on other sites that provide Maldon info. (For a more mainstream view of Maldon, we suggest .

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Tarrangower Hill Climb, vintage cars and motorbikes, Maldon Folk Festival, folk music. Accommodation accomodation in B&amp;B or self-contained cottage</p> <p>Bed &amp; breakfast self contained b&amp;b cottage information in Maldon, Victoria, Australia. Our cottage provides self contained accommodation with breakfast &amp; comfortable bed.</p> <p>Maldon. Why do so many people visit this central Victorian town, only half-an-hour from Bendigo - and why do so many keep coming back? There are many reasons, but we think that it has a lot to do with style, Maldon style!</p> <p>And, the fact that is conveniently located near Bendigo, Castlemaine &amp; Dalesford Daylesford.</p> <p>We proudly present our latest feature: our Maldon accomodation booking service, which is called: accommodation feature finder (tm). Whether you are looking for a self-contained cottage, a bed and breakfast, a motel, or visitor information in Maldon Australia, this is the most convenient way to find it.</p> <p>Our feelings about Maldon are best summed up in the words of the song: "Maldon, Maldon, I love that town of Maldon. I love my dog, I love my ute, I love my girl, she's so cute, But, Maldon, Maldon, I really love that town!"</p> <p> We hope that you will enjoy your visit to Maldon Australia. Maybe you will decide that Maldon is your kind of town.</p> <p>When I first set out to do a website about Maldon, Victoria, Australia, I noticed that most Maldon websites are about Maldon England. And a large proportion of those are about the Battle of Maldon. Who would have thought that there was so much to say about the Battle of Maldon!</p> <p>To find websites specific to Maldon, Victoria, Australia, you must refine your search. Try "maldon australia", or "maldon victoria", or "maldon victoria australia". You may find that they all yeild different results. Of course, if it is something specific about Maldon that you require, you will find it quicker if you type "maldon victoria australia accommodation", or "maldon victoria australia events" or whatever you are after.</p> <p>Maldon, England is not the only town with the name "Maldon", although it is likely to have been the first.</p> <p>There is also a Maldon in New South Wales, Australia, a Maldon in the Netherlands, a Maldon in Canada, and, of course, the one in Victoria, Australia.</p> <p>There are several websites about Maldon, Victoria, Australia. There is this one, of course. I also work on several other Maldon websites:maldonstyle &amp; gomaldon. Then there is the Maldon Inc. site: and there is also Graham Dodsworth's extensive site, simply titled "Maldon". Oops, I almost forgot Maldon resident Neil Bethune's excellent site "What's On In Maldon"</p> <p> is the Official Web-site of Maldon Australia. It is operated by Maldon Inc., which is Maldon's business &amp; tourism association. Maldon Inc. also manage the Maldon Visitor Information Center, which is located in the heart of Maldon - in the Maldon Shire Gardens. Of course the Shire of Maldon is no more, having been swallowed-up in the amalgamation process which led to the creation of the Shire of Mt. Alexander.</p> <p>If you ever visit Maldon, please look me up. I am a very friendly person. I live at 87 Church St., Maldon.</p> <p>The 11th. of November 1875 is an important day in Maldon's history. On that day, Victorian Patent No. 2136 was granted to two Maldon inventors. They were John William Crisp, of Parker Street; and David Jones, of Reef Street. Both men were miners, but their invention was for use in agriculture and was titled: "Improvements in reaping and binding machines".</p> <p>The people of Maldon and surrounding districts have always been an inventive lot. <br>At the Maldon &amp; Baringhup Agricultural Society's Show in October, they will have an opportunity to show off their ideas (and possibly win a prize for their efforts).</p> <p>Keith can be contacted on 5475 1066. He is also very keen to hear about machines that incorporate Crisp &amp; Jones's patent. So, if you have any old agricultural equipment lying around, have a good look at it - it might be an important part of Maldon's history."</p> <p>There are some people in Maldon who would like to start an inventor's club. They once had a web site.</p> <p>When the last great gold mine, Oswald's North British, closed in 1926, development in Maldon almost came to a standstill. This has left us with a streetscape in Main Street that is not much different to how it looked 100 years ago. Other lovely old buildings abound, including schools, churches, grand houses, and quaint cottages.</p> <p>In 1965 the National Trust classified Maldon as a "Notable Town". In fact, Maldon was the first Australian town to receive such a classification.</p> <p>Maldon is located in central Victoria. Less than 2 hours by car from Melbourne, Maldon is a suitable destination for a day trip. However, to get the most out of what Maldon has to offer, we recommend that you plan to stay at least one night.</p> <h4 align=center>When visiting Maldon, don't miss the Visitor Information Centre.</h4> <p>The Visitor Information Centre (V.I.C.) is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. 7 days a week. It is staffed by friendly, knowledgeable, local Maldon volunteers.</p> <p>There are attractive displays, and a wide array of information is available about Maldon and surrounding districts.</p> <p>While at the Maldon V.I.C., make sure you see the 6 minute video about Maldon Australia. This professionally produced video costs nothing to view, and is very informative. We think that seeing this should be one of the first things that you do in Maldon.</p> <p>The Maldon V.I.C. is run by Maldon Inc., the local business association, who also have a very informative Maldon web site.</p> <h4 align=center>An Anthem For</h4> <h2 align=center>MALDON</h2> <h4 align=center>by Keith Harper &#169; 1999.</h4> <p>If you love Maldon as I do, <br>then you'll know why I sing. <br>I sing out loud <br>because I'm proud. <br>Let hills and gullies ring!</p> <p>Chorus: <br>Maldon, beautiful Maldon, <br>this is the town that we love. <br>Maldon, beautiful Maldon, <br>built with help from above! <p>In eighteen fifty-three, when gold <br>was found here on the ground: <br>who then could know <br>the seeds they'd sow <br>would be a town renowned?</p> <p>When Easter-time comes 'round again <br>and I am trav'ling back, <br>the shining tower <br>on Tarrangower <br>will guide me on my track.</p> <p>Oh, Maldon is a lovely town, <br>it's steeped in history. <br>It's rich today <br>in a dif'rent way <br>to how it used to be.</p> <p>I love this country; Australia, <br>and I love Maldon too. <br>Until I die <br>I pledge that I <br>will always be true blue. <br></p> <p><b>The distinction between "bed and breakfast" and "cottage" in Maldon, Victoria, Australia.</b> <p>The Maldon Visitor Information Center lists almost all holiday accommodation providers operating in the town. Their listing is divided into the following categories: Hotels Motels &amp; Complexes, Traditional Bed &amp; Breakfast, Self Contained Cottages Etc., Caravan Parks, &amp; Farm Stay. There can be wide variations in what is offered within each category, particularly within "Cottages Etc." (which is probably the reason for the "Etc."). <p>Cottages Etc. is Maldon's largest category (approx. 30 entries). Not all of the properties in this group are what you and I would call a cottage. Some, for example, are lovely old houses that are far too large and grand to be called a cottage. Some people in the accommodation industry use the term "cottage" to mean self-contained. In general, the distinguishing feature of properties in the Cottages Etc. category is that your group will be the only occupants of the building during your stay. Breakfast is not always provided, and is usually in "self-prepare" form when it is. Five of the businesses in this category in Maldon consider themselves to be a B &amp; B, and several have B &amp; B in their name. <p>The Bed &amp; Breakfast category has 4 entries in Maldon at the time of writing. Three are in grand old houses, and one is at the back of a restaurant. The proprietors all live on the premises, in a separate part of the house. A cooked breakfast is provided in all cases. Guests have their own bedroom, and share the common living and dining areas. When the weather requires it, it is usual to have a wood fire in the living room. Although many of the bedrooms have fireplaces, in general these are not used and some alternative form of heating is provided. <img src="goldbutt.jpg" width=1 height=50> <p>The team behind the website are pleased to dedicate this space to: <br>MOUNT HAWKE of MALDON B&amp;B <br>which has very generously supported the Women's Ute Pushing Challenge <br>at the annual Maldon &amp; Baringhup Agricultural Show.</p> <p>To visit Mount Hawke on the web:</p> </font> </body>

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